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These are some of the services we offer. Please call or email for more information about our services and prices. Since every situation is unique, prices will vary based on length of time that is needed to care for your pet properly. Initial consult is free and includes meet & greet, discussion of your pet's needs and any paper work needed. Please allow at least an hour for this visit. Most services start at $25.00.For visits outside of the usual 15 mile radius of our business there may be a small travel fee (based on mileage) added to these services due to increasing gas prices.

  • Oral Medication Administration-some meds require they be given at a set period of time. If you can't get home, we can schedule a visit to give them for you. Also includes eye and ear medication.
  • Injections- such as insulin or allergy injections
  • Fluid Administration
  • Bandage Changes-when your pet requires multiple changes and you can't get them in to the vet or you have been asked to do them yourself.
  • Glucose Checks for Diabetics
  • Blood Pressure Checks-for those animals with "white coat syndrome"
  • Transport for small/medium size animals (pets only)-transport to or from your vet,
  • In situations where your pet has passed at home, we can provide transport of his/her beloved body to your vet's office, crematorium or funeral home. Cats & small dogs $25, Med.size dogs $30, Lg breed $40.
  • Pet sitting for special needs pets
  • Dog walking for special needs pets who are encouraged to be more active or for those older pets who need to go out more often.
  • Provide instruction & support for pet parents learning to provide at home nursing care for their pets.
  • Hospice care & support

Note: We are part of a team and work in conjunction with your veterinarian to provide the best quality care for your pet. We do not provide a diagnosis nor do we go against the advise and treatment plan given to you by your veterinarian.

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